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PA 12 Super Cruiser

   Restoring a classic aircraft has always been on my “Bucket List” and thanks to Trevor Lacy, of Classic Aircraft Restorations, it’s become a reality.

I purchased a 1946 Piper Super Cruiser from a friend who had lost interest in the project. The frame was repaired and minimal fabric work had been accomplished. The project included many new parts as well as a zero time Lycoming 0-290 D2, but much of the project would require extensive fabrication and some of the previous fabric work needed improvement.

I fly for an airline and started to ask our mechanics if they knew of a qualified tube and fabric person. No one could think of anyone off hand, nor did anyone feel they were qualified to help. I was told, “Tube and fabric is a lost art, good luck.” Finally one of our mechanics recommended Trevor, he did not know him personally, but a friend had spoken highly of Trevor’s craftsmanship and work ethic.

I contacted Trevor and we met to discuss the Super Cruiser project. I found Trevor to have a “can do” personality and very fair with his pricing. Nothing we discussed was beyond the scope of his ability. He kept saying things like, “No problem, I can fabricate that, It will be better than new.” Trevor had also suggested things I had not even thought of to make the restoration better. I was encouraged, but must admit I was a bit leery as well. How could anyone be this confident I thought, or that good. Trevor was hired and I am happy to say I became a believer that there is nothing Trevor cannot accomplish on a classic aircraft restoration, NOTHING!

I have been involved in aviation since 1965, in GA, military and airline transport and have worked with many aviation professionals, but I have never met a more gifted craftsman than Trevor. Not only can he accomplish the mission, but he does it with complete honesty and integrity. I would not trust my aircraft restoration with anyone else.

Tube and Fabric is becoming a lost art and I am so grateful that I met Trevor Lacy, owner of Classic Aircraft Restoration. You will be too if you’re looking for a quality restoration for your classic or vintage aircraft project. I plan on taking my Cub to many fly-ins to display the attention to detail and quality workmanship that went into this restoration. I know the feeling of frustration when seeking a qualified tube and fabric person, but now I can confidently share my experience and recommend Classic Aircraft Restoration to everyone.

Captain Bob Venturella
West Coast Chief Pilot
SkyWest Airlines
Freshly Painted Fabric Aircraft Cowling


“Rather than buying all the painting equipment needed to paint the wingtips, cowling, spinner,
fairings and canopy for my RV 9A and paint them myself, I decided to ask Trevor Lacy. I’m glad
I did. Trevor’s experience with fiberglass work and painting really shows. The quality smooth
surface finish was impressive and the pearl blue color I had selected looks even better than I had imagined.”

Patrick Moran

Aircam Wings for Hillsboro Aviation

Aircam wings

Aircam Wings Painted with Primer

“We were extremely impressed with the quality and attention to detail Trevor gave to our project.  I asked around to other shops and was told that Trevor Lacy does the best work. He delivered on time and on budget. I am very glad we chose Trevor to do my fabric covering and painting  work.”

Jon Hay
General Manager
Hillsboro Aviation, Inc.

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