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Are you searching for upgrades  and ideas? Check out this polycarbonate door for awesome increased visibility.  Our technician is a master at brainstorming your ideas into a better safer quality aircraft.  “Owner produced parts” is a specialty we are able to provide to loyal aircraft owners.  We know sometimes it can be impossible to locate original parts for vintage aircraft. We can help ease the burden by working with you to design and produce the highest quality replacement part.  We offer mold making, fiberglass repair or finishing. Our services include sheet metal work for part repair and restoration. If  you have a unique part that is worn, rusted, or damaged. Let us restore it to museum quality.  We will work with you to update some secondary structures to accommodate upgrades and newer technology for a safer more convenient fly machine.  All parts new and restored adhere to FAA specifications.


Custom Polycarbonate door for increased visibility


Custom Switch Panel PA-12

Custom Switch Panel PA-12

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